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Mini diggers are known as compact excavators and are a really popular choice for all types of construction jobs of all sizes.

They can be used in a variety of situations and they can make many construction jobs more effective, safer and cheaper.

Small excavators can come with either wheels or tracks. Wheels are quite a good choice particularly if the ground is smooth and quite flat such as tarmac or concrete, whereas the track versions are better where the land is steeply sloped or unstable

There are lots of tasks that these compact little excavators can perform. They can make many demolition and construction projects so much easier, they can be used in a domestic capacity, in the garden or on smaller construction sites and they can save you lots of time. These mini diggers are very powerful and rugged. Although very easily operated it is always recommended that it is used by a trained operator.

Groundwork Contractors

Groundwork is a term used in the construction industry for the preparation of a construction site for foundations of a new building and effectively refers to work done to prepare and set up subsurfaces for the start of construction work.

Ground workers clear the site, prepare and dig the footings for the building work to start, they also install the pipe work for the drains and if required prepare the roads and pathways.

If you put to one side the demolition and site enabling works that may need to be carried out, groundwork is the first part of the construction process and usually includes: Ground investigation, Clearance of the Site, Ground Stabilisation Works, Landscaping and Site Services.

They are usually the first and the last trades that perform on a building site. They are usually responsible for the site drainage and all underground pipe work.

Groundwork Contractors pricing structure is usually based on a plant, material and labour basis.

Do you need a mini digger to carry out these jobs for your project?

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